Blockade Labs Skybox

Exploring Infinite Angles: 

The Unseen Potential of 360 Photosphere AI

The all-encompassing scope of 360-degree photosphere images has an aura of magic about it. When these images are fully generated in Blockade Labs Skybox, they become a one-of-a-kind snapshot of a reality that never existed but feels incredibly immersive. 

Yet, after the creation process, you might find yourself questioning what's next. What do you do with these captivating, spherical canvases? 

ThingLink, which is a versatile platform for creating interactive and immersive media, is your solution. Your interactive images can be viewed on any device including VR Headsets. 

Let's delve into the ways you can bring your 360 photosphere AI-generated images to life. 

Immersive Educational Content

Make educational lessons or contexts more engaging. With ThingLink, you can add tags that give additional information or quiz questions, offering an interactive, immersive learning experience. Think of a novel, what would places look like? What would the characters look like? With such subjectivity creating an alternative storyline or immersive experience is easy. 

Games Design

Use the Transit Tag in ThingLink to seamless hop between 360 scenes or add conditional transitions such as quiz questions or scavenger hunt style numbers or words. Embed the whole game in one image in your favourite website. 

Pick Your Own Adventure Games

Create a scenario or context based adventure where the participants can pick their own storyline. With ThingLink's Scenario Builder and Sky Box Labs you can remix 360 scenes to give the same look and feel to the various path ways you can take. Great for planning games and simple games design. 

Interactive Portfolio Showcase

Compile your 360 photospheres into an interactive portfolio. Each image could contain tags leading to your other works, your resume, or even a 'Contact Me' form. Gain valuable viewing statistics of all your engagements, from time spent and clags on each tag.